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Romagna is a land rich of typical products: among the most famous tagliatelle all'uovo, Pesca Nettarina Igp, Olio di Brisighella Dop,
Squacquerone di Romagna Dop
and Piadina Romagnola Igp.


From Romagna, land of tradition and cultural vocation, this fruit of great quality, nectarine peaches of Romagna, Protected Geographical Indication. The European recognition guarantees the uniqueness and emphasizes the close link with the territory of origin which, due to its specific environmental characteristics and the historical tradition of the manufacturers, achieves quality levels of excellence. Peaches and nectarines of Romagna IGP are produced solely in the typical area covering the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, Ferrara and Bologna and are recognized by the label that certifies the origin and production process: the producers are in fact enrolled in a specific register. They are grown with integrated production methods, low environmental impact and growing techniques which enhance the organoleptic and taste requirements. The marketing is only possible after a careful certificate chain check by a body accredited by Mipaaf.


Squacquerone is a raw milk cheese, extremely soft. The color is ivory white and the taste are typically lactic notes, with sweet - sour taste.
It is one of the "par excellence" products with which it is stuffed piadina, another typical product of Romagna lands. Squacquerone, without further specification, it is a generic cheese, which then can be produced anywhere, unlike the noble squacquerone di Romagna that, being a DOP cheese, can only be achieved in the area designated in accordance with the product specification and regulation.


The piadina is a food product made from a dough of wheat flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water, which is traditionally cooked on an earthenware dish, called "teggia" in Romagnolo, but today commonly it is baked on metal plates or on a baking stone slabs called " text" (test in dialect).
It is, in the words of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, "the bread, even the national food of Romagnoli": in fact, it was primarily for the poor. With the 1174 Regulation of 24 October 2014, published on 4 November 2014 on the European Union's Official Journal it was registered as Protected Geographical Indication piadina.