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Famoso (Uva Rambela) and Burson (Uva Longanesi) are the main indigenous varieties of Romagna.

Today, the "Rambëla" , with the intensity of its fragrances and aromas, is the interpreter of a history and a territory to be discovered: the Romagna! It is actually a vine that has been "rediscovered" after decades of neglect due to its aroma, because it did not respond to a market that required a more "anonymous product".

The Bursôn wine is produced exclusively from grapes of the vine Longanesi, vinified alone. Due to its characteristics, the Bursôn Black Label can withstand aging, improving over time. It is difficult to say as it may be preserved because it is a relatively young wine, but , qualitatively the now rare bottles of 15 years ago have still in excellent condition.